Wednesday, February 24, 2016

DhammaYatra 2016

This time Pictures will Explain Everything

On the Way to Sanchi. Tropic of Cancer on Earth. 

Dinner at Mahabodhi Vihara/Guest House

At sanchi. Offspring of origional Bodhi Tree Brought From SriLanka to establish University 

Indian Way of Eating


Kite Festival at Varanasi

Boat Trip to Ganga

Dummy Buddha n Jesus 

With Srilankan Monks at Mulgandh Kuti Vihara Sarnath

Angulimala Stupa Shravasti

On the way to Pubarama Shravasti

Sankassa(Shravasti):- Place from Where Buddha Ascend to Heaven to teach Dhamma to his moher

Rio Niranjana (Pattachara Story)

Piprahva :- Indian Kapilvastu Sakya kept Relics of Buddha
 in the stupa which was now kept in Delhi Museum. 

I think same Friend as last year with Joy



Vietanmes Nunnery Vaishali

Sutta Written on inner & Outer side of wall

     View From Cell towards Stupa where 
Buddha relics kept from 5Countries
Buddha Park Patana

Behind Idol Relics of Buddha inside Glass protection

View From Saptarni Caves Rajgir

On the way to Cave

Saptarni Caves where st Buddhist Council held Rajgir

Meditation in Bomboo grove Venuvan Rajgir

Vulture Peak

Exploring Ashoka Stupa on another mountain next to vulture peak

New This time Trekking and discovered stupas

Ashoka Stupa

Might be Old friend Who meditate with us last year

Another trekking Exploring Stupa's 
above dungeshwari Mountain

Mahabodhi Temple Bodhgaya

From Left Eduardo, Claudia, Rob, Giovana, Andre, Mauro,
 Me, Akash (my yonger bro), Rosemery, Guilherme


Mahakassapa Mountain, Gurupa Bodhagaya

ITs said Mahakassapa hit
 this mountain with his stick and make path out of it


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  2. OMG!! beutiuful pics!

    I miss you guys so much. Hey sud, send metta to us from Nagpur ;)

    Hope that we meet again soon in Bhanteji's forest retreat :)

  3. I have great memories from this wonderful time!!! Thank you Sud for putting this images together. Big hug to you and Akash. :)

  4. I'm not an unknow, I'm Claudia.

    1. good that you mentioned your name I thought might be gui